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A treasure trove of UpFront! inspired stories

So come, have a cup of morning coffee with us.

Up-Front Group and Hello! Project FanFiction
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Fanfiction featuring members of Up-Front Agency, especially current and former Hello!Project idols.

Hello, Hello! Project fans!
Welcome to upfrontfic, where you can read and post fanfiction featuring past and present UFA and Hello! Project idols. We welcome all types of stories here: het, gen, slash, AU, drabbles, novels, from G to NC-17.
Because this is a new community, posting is still being moderated.
Please follow our rules!
And if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact our mod sunaneko via a LiveJournal private message or on AIM at Narshadarlin.

Be respectful to one another.

We do have tags, so please use them when posting.

You can post your fic directly to this community or link back to a post in your own journal, but please don't link to locked posts.

Use LJ cuts for anything longer than a drabble.

Use the following form, or something close to it, when posting fanfiction or artwork.

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